"Addiction Treatment in New Jersey"

New Jersey addiction treatment addressed by gov christie and sunrise detox

John Moriarty, a detoxification expert at Sunrise Detox in Stirling, NJ, wrote to the Times of Trenton to voice his opinion on Governor Christie's efforts to move beyond a "war on drugs" and seek more support for addiction treatment.

Sunrise Detox Employee Editorial Published on NJ.com

In "Let Addicts Get Treatment Where They Choose", John Moriarty call's Governor Chris Christie's acknowledgement of the failure of the "War on Drugs" commendable, but also obvious. He appreciates that Governor Christie is pushing New Jersey into a leadership position nationwide in seeking increased treatment as opposed to incarceration. He also calls for more action.

Specifically, if addicts were free to choose where they obtained their treatment, instead of limited state and federally-managed institutions, they may do better with detox and rehabilitation.

This is a frequent proposal from well-managed private detox and rehab facilities.

Sunrise Detox, a provider of high-quality and comfort-focused "Detox with Dignity" facilities in New Jersey and Florida, knows that a patient detoxed comfortably in a low-stress environment with full support, is more likely to move into rehabilitation, and can be expected to be more comlaint once in rehab. That equates to a much higher probability of success breaking the cycle of addiction.

Full Text of Editorial on Addiction Treatment in New Jersey

The editorial was published by web site NJ.com on July 23, 2012.

Full text:

As a New Jersey resident who is now marking 12 years of sobriety, I commend Gov. Chris Christie for acknowledging that the so-called "war on drugs" has been a failure. As someone who works daily with addicts struggling to get clean, I can't help but view the governor's statement as an important recognition of the obvious.

The governor is positioning the state as a national leader against addiction, changing the landscape of what addiction means and how it should be treated. That includes a drug reform bill awaiting his signature that puts nonviolent offenders in treatment, not in prison.

Yet more needs to be done.

State- and federally run facilities will eventually go the way of institutionalized treatment, which isn't often the most effective way of getting someone on the road to recovery.

Let's insert a provision in the drug reform bill allowing addicts to choose the location where they would like to receive treatment, if that works best for them. The additional resources afforded to addicts by private facilities could make a world of difference.

Addiction does not discriminate. People from all walks of life can be dragged down by the needle, bottle, pill or powder.

I believe that the more we educate, and the more empathetic we are toward individuals battling addiction, the greater their chance of success for re-entry into society as sober and productive members.

-- John Moriarty, Stirling NJ (detoxification expert at Sunrise Detox)

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