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An intervention is one of the best ways to let your loved one know that you want them to get better. Typically an intervention is a gathering of friends, family and co-workers to confront the individual about destructive behavior with the goal being the person immediately enter a drug and alcohol detox center. With the help of one of our recommended interventionists, this can be a smooth process with a favorable outcome.

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The concept of a drug and alcohol intervention is new, but catching on quickly. During this meeting, the interventionists will calmly tell the person how their destructive behavior has personally affected members of the family and friends. Each person who attends may speak of specific incidents that suggest the need for treatment or offer an ultimatum requiring the person to agree to treatment or face consequences.

While some people feel that it is best to let a person hit “rock bottom” and seek help on their own, successful drug addiction interventions have proven that after an addicted persons hears his or her loved ones speak, they are willing to go to treatment. If the addiction intervention is not successful, the next step is to enforce the consequences to them, usually loss of contact.

The show “Intervention” on A&E Television has brought this process to light for millions of people, and featured the a Sunrise Detox Intervention on their A&E program. Statistics have shown that a professional intervention, when done correctly is 91% effective at getting your loved in a treatment program.

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Intervention Services

Dear Sunrise,
I’ve only been here for a few days, but I am feeling right at home. Everyone, including the patients have made me feel at home, everyone was so welcoming, I was shocked. I am here as a result of my binge drinking. I suppose I ended up here because of my lack of control over my binge drinking, which was really brought to the forefront because of my anxiety and depression. Overall, Sunrise was a great experience.
~ Madeline S.

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