Ira Levy

Ira Levy is one of the most recognizable, respected people in the treatment industry. He began his career in 1992 working as a mental health technician. as a way to help others caught in the grip of addiction. Then as an admissions coordinator for National Recovery Institute, Ira eased one troubled soul after another into treatment and onto a path to recovery. Later, as National Marketing Director for Focus Health Care, Ira distinguished himself as a leader in advocating for treatment as a solution for many of the problems experienced by families suffering from the consequences of substance abuse.

Since joining the Sunrise Detox Team in 2004, Ira has served as a key liaison between professional Employee Assistance Professionals and treatment centers. He became a nationally known spokesman advocating for comfortable, dignified  detox as the start of  a successful treatment plan. Ira is also widely recognized both within the treatment industry and in the media as a passionate advocate for long-term support of recovering addicts.

Ira knows the subject intimately. He has walked the road of addiction himself, now over 30 years into his successful recovery. When he offers advice to guests at Sunrise Detox, they know he is not just spouting theories; he has actually walked in their shoes.

As National Marketing Director for Sunrise Detox, Ira is hands-on involved with nearly every guest of the detox facilities in Florida, acting as both advocate and provider of hope. He is also ready to provide the often-required “kick in the pants” reality check only a wise, experienced peer can provide.

With his uncanny ability to relate to people of all ages from all walks of life, Ira  continues to dedicate himself to helping others see the potential for their own success in recovery.

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