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Life After Narcan

Everyone living in New Jersey these days is aware of the ongoing heroin epidemic. If there is to be Life After Narcan, that life must include addiction treatment. We are dedicating this effort to ...

Sunrise Detox Music Program in the News

The Sunrise Detox music program is gaining some attention in Connecticut, where Ricky Byrd is performing this weekend with special guests.

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Fooled you once, Now You’re Dead

Fentanyl kills in small doses, but fentanyl isn’t the only killer substance drug dealers are mixing into their products these days.

Home made Heroin : New recipe from Yeast?

Heroin made at home, from yeast? Not likely any time soon, although scientists are genetically modifying yeast to help make morphene cheaply.

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About the Blue Hart (formerly HAARP) Program in South Jersey

New Jersey has a new program for getting heroin addicts into treatment, via police departments.

In Rockville Center, Long Island for Town Hall

Rockville Center Against Youth Substance Abuse The Rockville Center, Long Island Town Hall meeting tonight is dedicated to “Underage Drinking and Drug Use”, and Sunrise Detox is there represented by

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What are your thoughts about addicts in AA instead of NA?

There is absolutely no reason why addicts shouldn’t attend AA meetings.  However, AA has traditions that are important to the fellowship and to many of the members.  One of those

Just One Won’t Hurt

It can be all too easy to revert back into our addicted states, especially as circumstances change or become more difficult. It’s important to remind ourselves why we began the process of recovery to avoid reverting to our old, untenable ways.

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A Visit to the DEA Museum & DEA Foundation in Washington, DC

The DEA has a strong focus on tracking and preventing the big business of drug trafficking, while working to educate people on the terrible impact illegal drug trades have on our families and society. I visited with Bill Alden, Director of the DEA Foundation, and learned…

Ocean County DART Coalition Event May 27

Prepping the stage at Pine Belt Arena for tonight’s DART Coalition Forum on Heroin Addiction in New Jersey, from the office of Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato.