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Historically, the mid-Atlantic region has served as a thoroughfare for drugs, drug-related proceeds, weapons, and other contraband traveling along the east coast of the United States.

Virginia cities situated along Interstate-95 are vulnerable to "spillover" drug distribution from traffickers moving between the two major eastern drug importation hubs of New York City and Miami. Cocaine, crack Cocaine, and the violence attendant with the trafficking of these drugs are the most significant drug problem in the state, according to most law enforcement sources. However, clandestine Methamphetamine laboratories remain a problem, and Mexican trafficking organizations are making enormous inroads in the Cocaine, Methamphetamine, and Marijuana distribution markets in nearly every part of the state.



Cocaine: Cocaine in both powder and crack forms is prevalent throughout the state of Virginia, in both wholesale and retail quantities. Considerable levels of violence continue to be associated with the crack Cocaine trade in urban areas. Colombian and Dominican drug trafficking organizations in New York City supply some of the Cocaine available in Virginia, but many local traffickers are increasingly reliant on Mexican sources of supply in the southwestern U.S., North Carolina, and Georgia. During 2008, occasional reduced Cocaine availability and higher prices indicated that there was a sporadic shortage of Cocaine in the Richmond area.

Heroin: The Richmond and Tidewater areas of Virginia both boast a consistent, long-term Heroin abuse population. Portsmouth, in particular, has become known as a Heroin source for the Tidewater region. Pockets of Heroin distribution are present in other areas of the state as well, but the problem is less pronounced. Most of the Heroin encountered in Virginia tends to be of higher purity than is found in neighboring states. In the Norfolk area, Heroin is packaged primarily in gelatin capsules, while it is packaged in small, colored or marked Ziploc baggies in other parts of the state.

Methamphetamine: Localized clandestine manufacture of Methamphetamine, which was increasing in Virginia, has decreased, due to the passage of state and Federal laws regulating precursors. Most lab activity is still centered on the far southwestern corner of the state bordering West Virginia, North Carolina, and Kentucky. The Shenandoah Valley region contains the highest percentage of Methamphetamine abusers in the state, and is supplied by Mexican drug trafficking organizations; the high volume of Mexican immigrants in the area has allowed expansion of existing Mexican drug-trafficking networks.

Marijuana: Marijuana is the most widely abused drug in the state of Virginia. Most of the Marijuana available in the state is commercial grade product, imported from Mexico and transported through the southwestern U.S. High-grade Marijuana, often imported from Canada, is also available in Virginia. Outdoor Marijuana cultivation flourishes during the spring and summer, and indoor grows are increasingly common.

Prescription Drugs: Current investigations indicate that diversion of OxyContin®(both brand name and generic), Percocet, and Dilaudid continues to be a problem in Virginia. Primary methods of diversion being reported are illegal sale and distribution by health care professionals and workers, “doctor shopping” (going to a number of doctors to obtain prescriptions for a controlled pharmaceutical), employee theft, and the Internet. Hydromorphone, methadone, and benzodiazepines were also identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in Virginia. This is ample reason for Vermont drug rehab and Vermont drug detox attention state wide immediately.

Drug and alcohol addiction has become a real epidemic in the United States. Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism and other drug addictions should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. Addiction is hard to treat and we believe that inpatient drug detox is the most effective way of dealing with Methamphetamine withdrawal.

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