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Cocaine is the primary drug of choice in Rhode Island.

The purity levels of Cocaine available in Rhode Island generally range between 50% -90% pure, depending on the quantity purchased. Cocaine traffickers in Rhode Island also service customers in Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Traffickers utilize Rhode Island as a transshipment point for distribution throughout New England.



Cocaine: Rhode Island has seen a decrease in availability of Cocaine, therefore making it more expensive. Kilogram quantities of Cocaine are sold for as much as $34,000 in Providence. The Cocaine is transported from South America through Southwest Border States via commercial airlines and motor vehicles with sophisticated hidden hydraulic compartments. Cocaine is also brought to New England from the Mexican border, hidden within shipments of legitimate goods being transported by tractor-trailer. Cocaine is distributed primarily by Colombian and Dominican traffickers. The majority of the Cocaine purchased in Rhode Island is transported in by local suppliers who travel to New York and return to distribute the product.

Heroin: Heroin is widely available in Rhode Island and can be purchased in nearly every town and city. Heroin seized in Rhode Island ranges from 12% - 70% pure, depending on the quantity. Pure, pre-packaged Heroin is transported by courier to Providence by airplane, train, body carriers and automobiles. After the Heroin arrives at its Rhode Island destination, local trafficking groups will adulterate and re-package it for sale at the retail level. Colombian, and Puerto Rican traffickers continue to dominate the Heroin trafficking market in Rhode Island.

Methamphetamine: Methamphetamine is rarely seen in Rhode Island. The Methamphetamine that is seen in Rhode Island is “Crystal Meth” and is typically seen in the gay communities.

Marijuana: The trend in Rhode Island supports a widespread and readily available market of fairly large amounts of Marijuana. Prices of Marijuana will vary seasonally as the supply fluctuates. The Marijuana available in Rhode Island is mostly Mexican, however it is supplemented by limited amounts of other foreign based and domestic Marijuana. The majority of the Marijuana is imported from the southwest border via parcel carriers and couriers on commercial airlines. Hydroponically produced Marijuana is also available in Rhode Island. A majority of the “hydro” Marijuana is transported into Rhode Island via tractor trailers and is sold for $3500 - $5000 per pound. Canada is the major source of supply for this type of Marijuana in Rhode Island.

Prescription Drugs: The most popular pharmaceutical substance abused in Rhode Island is OxyContin. Much of the diversion is through fraudulent prescriptions, doctor shopping, pharmacy break-ins, and hospital thefts. OxyContin is being sold for approximately $1.00 per milligram. This is ample reason for Rhode Island drug rehab and Rhode Island drug detox attention state wide immediately.

Rhode Island is experiencing an increase in drug use and abuse. The prescription drug problem in the United States has become a real epidemic. Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism and other drug addictions should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. Addiction to pain killers can be one of the hardest addictions to treat and we believe that inpatient drug detox is the most effective way of dealing with prescription drug withdrawal.

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For more information on state-funded detox programs in Rhode Island contact

Behavioral Health Care, Division of Behavioral Health, Department of Mental Health and Retardation
14 Harrington Rd.,
Cranston, Rhode Island, 02920
(800) 622-7422

Alcoholics Anonymous
East Providence 401-438-8860
Newport 401-846-2622
Warwick 401-739-8777

Narcotics Anonymous
Regional 866-624-3578
Narragansett 900-659-7000
Providence 401-461-1110

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