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Retail quantities of Cocaine and crack Cocaine remain readily available in the state of New Hampshire.

Dominican narcotics traffickers are the principal distributors of Cocaine in the state. Heroin is available in street level quantities in New Hampshire, supplied primarily by Dominican traffickers with bases of operation in the Lowell/Lawrence, MA areas. Marijuana is readily available throughout the state, and it is apparent that Marijuana is the predominate drug of choice in the state. Although, the state of New Hampshire experienced a continued growth in availability of Methamphetamine within the state in the past few years, reportedly, it appears that availability has now stabilized.



Cocaine: Cocaine and crack Cocaine are readily available at the retail level; kilogram quantities of the drug are encountered with less frequency.

Heroin: Heroin remains readily available at the retail level and its use is widespread. Heroin sources of supply are located in Lowell, Lawrence and Lynn, MA. The drug’s ultimate source center is New York. Dominican traffickers are the primary distributors of high quality Heroin in New Hampshire. The state continues to experience increases in Heroin availability. Heroin prices on the retail level have remained stable.

Methamphetamine: The state of New Hampshire experienced a continued growth in availability of Methamphetamine in the past few years; however, availability appears to have stabilized. Methamphetamine is available throughout the state. Methamphetamine, which is produced in Mexico, is primarily transported into the state via express mail packages, by common carrier and by privately owned vehicles from the West Coast of the United States. Methamphetamine prices have remained stable.

Marijuana: Marijuana is readily available throughout New Hampshire. Marijuana is the predominant drug of choice in the state. Most of the Marijuana available in the region is transported from the southwestern U.S. and originates in Mexico with local Caucasian violators traveling weekly or bi-monthly to Arizona and southern California to obtain 200-300 pound quantities of the drug. The Marijuana is usually transported into the state via land vehicle. Marijuana is also being shipped in relatively small quantities (20-50 lb. packages) into the state utilizing U. S. and other mail services.

Cannabis is also cultivated within New Hampshire, though not as readily in recent years. Because of the rural nature of the state, particularly in the north, potential growing areas abound and most of the outdoor growers have reduced the size of their plots and increased the variety and scope of their concealment efforts. THC content in excess of 22 percent has been seen in the state.

High grade hydroponic Marijuana from Canada is increasingly available in New Hampshire and is smuggled into the state transiting through its shared border with Canada. A variety of smuggling methods have been encountered including concealment in couriers’ backpacks and hockey-type travel bags, helicopter air drops wherein the Marijuana wrapped in plastic bags is dropped to individuals waiting on land, and the use of snowmobiles during the winter months. Additionally, the state has seen an increase in indoor Marijuana-grow operations operated by Vietnamese DTOs.

Prescription Drugs: Much of the diversion problem in the state of New Hampshire involves fraudulent prescriptions, dated & duped doctors, mail order pharmaceuticals, illegal and over dispensing, doctor shopping, chemically impaired practitioners, etc. OxyContin continues to be a pharmaceutical drug of abuse in the state, although a decline in has been reported.

Hospitals and substance abuse clinics in the states of New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont likewise are noting an increase in addiction to prescription drugs, primarily OxyContin while substance abuse clinics in New Hampshire have indicated an increase in addiction to other prescription drugs, such as fentanyl (patches), Suboxone, methadone. Diversion of these drugs are occurring from either the patients reselling their medications or doctors negligently writing large amount of Suboxone prescriptions to patients. Several states in New England, to include New Hampshire, have seen a growing trend of underground Internet pharmacies involved in the illicit distribution of controlled substances without a required prescription. This is ample reason for New Hampshire drug rehab, and New Hampshire drug detox attention state wide immediately.

New Hampshire has rising problem with drug use and abuse. Addiction to prescription drugs in the United States has become a real epidemic. Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism and other drug addictions should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. Addiction to pain killers can be one of the hardest addictions to treat and we believe that inpatient drug detox is the most effective way of dealing with prescription drug withdrawal.

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For more information on state funded detox treatment programs in New Hampshire contact

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Alcoholics Anonymous
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Narcotics Anonymous
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