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Montana has a real problem with Methamphetamine.

Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations are responsible for distributing most of the Methamphetamine, Marijuana, Cocaine and Heroin in Montana. These organizations have sources of supply in Colorado, the southwest border, the Pacific Northwest, and Mexico. Marijuana is also smuggled into Montana across the Canadian border by smaller organizations. Methamphetamine production and use remains the primary drug issue faced by law enforcement.



Cocaine: Cocaine is available in the larger communities of Montana, but not widely available throughout the state. Billings, Great Falls and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation are the primary locations for Cocaine use. Sources of supply are usually located in Washington, California, Colorado, and the Southwest. Crack trafficking in Montana is primarily limited to the Billings area, where street gangs control the market. These gangs have sources of supply in California and Chicago.

Heroin: Heroin is not frequently encountered in Montana. Western Montana, primarily Missoula, has a higher availability of Heroin due to the proximity to the state of Washington, historically a transshipment point for Heroin in the Pacific Northwest.

Methamphetamine: Law enforcement officers across the state identify Methamphetamine as the most significant drug problem in Montana. Mexican trafficking organizations are responsible for the majority of Methamphetamine distribution in the state. Mexican Methamphetamine is most available in western Montana, due to the proximity to established trafficking routes in the Pacific Northwest. Beyond organized Methamphetamine trafficking, numerous small scale local laboratory operators, producing moderate quantities of Methamphetamine for personal use or local distribution, are problematic to law enforcement.

Marijuana: Marijuana is the most widely abused drug in Montana. Most originates in Mexico and is smuggled into the state by Mexican poly-drug trafficking organizations. Locally produced Marijuana is primarily grown indoors, with grows generally consisting of less than 100 plants. Potent "BC Bud" or “Kind Bud” from the Pacific Northwest and western Canada is increasing in popularity and availability. It is often smuggled directly into Montana across the Canadian border, and from there is often transshipped to other areas of the United States.

Prescription Drugs: Following national trends, OxyContin has become a pharmaceutical drug of abuse in Montana. Quantities of OxyContin are being illegally distributed in various areas in the state. Dilaudid and other opiate pain killers are also in demand on the illicit market.

Current investigations indicate that diversion of hydrocodone products such as Vicodin continues to be a problem in Montana. Primary methods of diversion being reported are forged prescriptions and employee theft. OxyContin, benzodiazepines (such as Xanax and Valium) and Adderall were also identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in Montana. This is ample reason for Montana drug rehab, and Montana drug detox attention state wide immediately.

Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism and other drug addictions should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. Addiction is to treat and we believe that inpatient drug detox is the most effective way of dealing with drug withdrawal.

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For more information on state-funded detox treatment programs in Montana contact
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