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In Maine, Marijuana is the most abused drug in the state.

Marijuana, locally grown and also imported from Canada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, remains the primary drug of abuse in Maine; nevertheless, the use and availability of Cocaine, Heroin, and diverted pharmaceuticals continues to be problematic. Methamphetamine remains a minor concern; however, law enforcement sources in the northeastern portion of Aroostook County continue to report the availability and abuse of Canadian-produced “Yaba” tablets and “Enhanced Ecstasy” along the Canadian and United States border. A significant potential exists for Methamphetamine production and distribution in the state. Interstate 95 provides an important north-south transportation route for traffickers traveling to sources of supply in several northeastern Massachusetts cities. Maine’s 228 miles of coastline and 3,478 miles of shoreline offer ample opportunities for smugglers.



Cocaine: Cocaine is available throughout the state in fractional-ounce to kilogram quantities. Traffickers typically travel by motor vehicle to meet Cocaine suppliers, generally Dominican violators based in Lawrence, Lowell, and Lynn, MA; however, Cocaine has been imported from as far away as Florida, New Jersey, and New York. The popularity of crack Cocaine, which is cooked locally, continues to increase in southern and central Maine communities, with Portland and Lewiston serving as the main distribution points for dealers.

Heroin: Massachusetts-based Dominican traffickers continue to be the primary suppliers of high quality Heroin to the Maine distributors. These distributors, who typically transport the drug in passenger vehicles, provide for a moderately increasing availability of Heroin in the state. While use is more prevalent in southern communities, it is also encountered in coastal and Canadian-border communities and has spread into rural and remote areas.

Methamphetamine: Abuse and availability of Methamphetamine have remained stable in Aroostook County, as evidenced by reports of “Yaba” and “Enhanced Ecstasy” seizures at the northernmost border points. Low-quality Methamphetamine is express-mailed into the state from California and the southwestern states. Trafficking groups supplying Methamphetamine to the state generally are connected to outlaw motorcycle clubs; while, truck drivers are most commonly abusing the substance and caught at the borders with personal use quantities to help them stay awake on long hauls. Maine’s size and predominantly rural population create an ideal environment for Methamphetamine manufacturing; however, there have been no clandestine Methamphetamine seizures by the DEA in the entire state since December 2005.

Marijuana: Marijuana historically the illicit drug of choice in the state, is plentiful and readily available. Year-round indoor grows are common, but high-grade Marijuana cultivated in Canada is smuggled over the border. Commercial-grade Marijuana is often obtained from middlemen in the southern New England states and New York. Hashish is available sporadically in small quantities; however, the availability of the drug by outlaw motorcycle gangs operating across the border in Canada may change the situation in Maine.

Prescription Drugs: The state continues to experience an increase in the availability of diverted pharmaceuticals. Oxycodone products such as Percocet, Roxicet, Dilaudid, and OxyContin are readily available. Doctor-shopping schemes, falsified prescriptions, and illicit sale and distribution by health-care professionals and workers are the primary diversion methods. Canadian pharmaceuticals, sold at cheap prices, also continue to be smuggled into the state. Current investigations indicate that OxyContin diversion continues to be a problem in Maine. Diverted Methadone and its Suboxone alternative have also been identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in Maine. This is ample reason for Maine drug rehab, and Maine drug detox attention state wide immediately.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol in the United States has become a real epidemic. Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism and other drug addictions should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. We believe that inpatient detox is the most effective way of dealing with drug or alcohol withdrawal, and treating drug and alcohol addiction.

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For more information on state-funded detox programs in Maine, contact

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Narcotics Anonymous
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