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Connecticut has a major problem with drug and alcohol addiction, but especially Heroin. Heroin, or opiates and Cocaine in powder and crack form are the greatest drug addiction threats in Connecticut.

Located in close proximity to NYC, Connecticut is an important transit and destination area for drugs.



Cocaine: Cocaine is still a popular drug of choice and still widely abused in Connecticut, with crack historically preferred over powder. Traditionally, most organizations in Connecticut have purchased previously processed crack Cocaine directly from New York-based suppliers, but recently, suppliers have offered substantial price reductions for the powder form.

Heroin: Demand for Heroin, or opiates is increasingly high, and it remains easily accessible making Heroin the primary threat to Connecticut. In addition to increased availability of low cost, high purity Heroin that can be effectively snorted or smoked rather than injected, Heroin popularity (as well as an increase in residential and commercial burglaries) is fueled in part by the significant amount of diverted Oxycontin and Hydrocodone. Users become quickly addicted to the analgesics and have to switch to lower cost, readily available bags of Heroin. This practice has led to an increase of Heroin overdoses throughout the state, and a significant increase of Heroin users at substance abuse clinics, detox centers, and drug rehabs statewide, the primary reason patients are in those clinics.

Methamphetamine: Lab seizures have not increased in Connecticut. All Methamphetamine labs seized in the Northeast have been low-capacity labs, usually producing two ounces or less of the drug per production cycle. These labs are usually located inside private residence. No information is available on street level sales of Methamphetamine.

Marijuana: Marijuana can still be obtained throughout Connecticut. The majority of high grade Marijuana available in Connecticut comes from either Canada, out of state indoor grow operations, Mexico, and or the Southwest areas of the U.S. Marijuana is readily available in the state of Connecticut for individual use and available in multi-ounce/pound quantities for wholesale distribution.

Prescription drug use: Diverted pharmaceuticals such as OxyContin, Vicodin, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Methadone, Ritalin, Xanax and Diazepam, are highly abused in Connecticut. The diversion and abuse of prescription opiate such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet are increasing rapidly. Diverted pharmaceuticals, as much as 80%, are usually stolen from medicine cabinets, pill mills, and/or overnight mailed into the region from other parts of the US. Prescription opiate addicts in Connecticut are increasingly moving to Heroin abuse due to the high cost of prescription drugs and the similar effects given by Heroin use. Those users with legitimate prescriptions to opiates often sell the prescription drugs to retail dealers once obtained and use the money to purchase higher quantities of Heroin. Opiate detox or Heroin detox is the best way to handle this epidemic though a professional drug treatment facility, or drug detox center. This is ample reason for Connecticut drug rehab, and Connecticut drug detox attention state wide immediately.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol in the United States has become a real epidemic. Instead of treating drug addicts like criminals we believe people suffering from pain pill addiction, alcoholism, and other drug addictions, such as Heroin, should have a comfortable drug detox to ensure long lasting sobriety and clean time. We believe that inpatient detox is the most effective way of dealing with drug or alcohol withdrawal.

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